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SHIELD THE FRONT                                                                                                          ATTACK THE SWIRL

                                                                  Keep the elements out of the cockpit and add more                   Add a windshield to your Polaris GENERAL and experience the airflow                                        WINDSHIELDS & REAR PANELS
                                                                          control to your drive. Several configuration                changing around the vehicle. For example, turbulent air will form
                                                                          options allow you to restrict or increase air               above the cargo bed and behind the cab. This swirl can carry dirt,
                            WIPER READY
                                                                                                 flow into the cab.                   dust, leaves, and rain into the cab. Eliminate this phenomenon and
                                                                                                                                      attack the swirl by mounting a rear panel.
                                                 WIPER READY

                TIP-OUT                                 FLIP-DOWN
                WINDSHIELD -        FULL WINDSHIELD -   WINDSHIELD -        FULL WINDSHIELD -    HALF WINDSHIELD -                                                                                        REAR PANEL -
                GLASS               GLASS               HARD COAT POLY      HARD COAT POLY       POLY                                                                                           GLASS                    REAR PANEL - POLY
                  » 2881108           » 2881109            » 2882174           » 2881110           » 2881111                                                                                       » 2881113                » 2881112
                 POLARIS GENERAL ’16–18,   POLARIS GENERAL ’16–18,    POLARIS GENERAL ’16–18,    POLARIS GENERAL ’16–18,    POLARIS GENERAL ’16–18,                                              POLARIS GENERAL ’16–18,    POLARIS GENERAL ’16–18,
                 POLARIS GENERAL 4 ’17–18  POLARIS GENERAL 4 ’17–18  POLARIS GENERAL 4 ’17–18  POLARIS GENERAL 4 ’17–18  POLARIS GENERAL 4 ’17–18                                                POLARIS GENERAL 4 ’17–18  POLARIS GENERAL 4 ’17–18


                The three-position adjustment   Offers fully-sealed or flipped-down venting   Add for convenience to wiper ready
                system easily opens, providing in-cab   options. Upper half detaches to maintain   windshields (2881090).
                ventilation to your preference.  protection with maximum ventilation.                                                                                                ADD A REAR PANEL TO REDUCE
                                                                                                                                                                                    THE DUST SWIRL

            Glass Layer                                                                                Hard Coat Layer
              Polyvinyl            GLASS   POLY                                                        Poly Layer
                Layer                                                                                  Hard Coat Layer
              Glass Layer                                                                                                                                           AIRTIGHT                     90º               REVOLUTIONARY
                                                                                                                                                                    GASKET SEAL
                          Superior OPTICAL CLARITY for a clear      Lightweight and flexible, POLY is                                                               Our windshields and                            Windshields and rear panels
                                  view. Laminated safety glass      IMPACT-RESISTANT, providing long-term                                                           rear panels feature
                              PROTECTS FROM SCRATCHES and           value and protection. Guarantees a tight seal                                                   3600 airtight gasket                           install easily and lock securely in
                            provides automotive-level visibility.   to keep out rain and dust.                                                                      seals to keep                                  place using Polaris  Lock & Ride
                                                                                                                                                                    drafts and moisture                            technology. Once installed, it
                               Curved to fit, seals tight, and is ready    Available with a hard-coating layer on both sides                                                                                       removes easily and can be
                                           for windshield wipers   of the poly, which provides 30X MORE scratch                                                     out of your cab.                               reinstalled without the need
                                                                   resistance than regular poly windshields.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   for any tools.
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